Physician Employment Contract Review

To Sign or Not to Sign, that is the question!

Do you know what you should be looking for with Physician Employment Agreements? 

Every word in your Physician Employment Agreement has meaning and you should know exactly what each word means.  No one signs a contract expecting to have a disagreement. However, disagreements do occur.  You want to make sure you thoroughly understand your contract and the contract language is what you intended.  There are four critical areas you should pay particular attention.   

  • Termination Provisions
  • Covenants-Not-to-Compete & Restrictive Covenant Provisions
  • Compensation
  • Fee-Tail Coverage for Medical Malpractice Insurance

My services include a thorough line by line review of your contract so that you will know the pitfalls, what is customary, and protect yourself from unforeseen liability. 

Flat Rate Pricing Options Are Available.